The Chairmen of the Board have pleased music lovers for more than 40 years. Formed in Detroit, the Chairmen were one of the first acts signed by songwriting legends Holland/Dozier/Holland for their Invictus label following H/D/H's messy divorce from Motown.

The group came out of the box strong in 1970 with the wonderful "Give Me Just A Little More Time," a classic early '70s radio smash highlighted by lead singer General Johnson's emotive, plaintive vocals. "Give Me" was the foundation of the group's excellent debut album, which also featured the infectious "(You've Got Me) Dangling on a String."

Over the years, the Chairmen of the Board were among soul music's most consistent hit makers, scoring big with "Pay to the Piper," "Finders Keepers," "Chairman of the Board," and the blissful "Everything's Tuesday."

The Chairmen continued to record with moderate success, scoring a surprise hit in Europe in the early 2000's with the joyous "Bless Your Heart," a great tune and performance that sounds like it was plucked from their early '70s catalog.

Group leader General Johnson died in 2010 at age 67. At the request of General Johnson to keep the group's legacy strong, 38-year member Ken Knox continues to lead the group touring with members Thomas Hunter and Brandon Stevens and six musicians.

In 2012, Swiffer Jet used the group's timeless hit "Give Me Just a Little More Time," which turned out to be a popular commercial for the company.

Chairmen of the Board completed a UK Tour - September 2016 and coming your way in 2017 ...

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