Marvin Robinson

A tribute to Lou Rawis

A Tribute to Lou Rawls

Traveling on a light, melodious stream from the Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church on Chicago's Southside, he chose the personification a natural man... seldom found in the world of that time. He created a unique forever-lasting image of intimate, personable, idealizing communication reaching every corner of America and the earth's spiritual acceptance. Discovered by Capitol Records in the 1960's he signed with MGM in 1971 and won a Grammy for "Natural Man." "You'll Never Find - Another Love Like Mine," followed, as did his Annual Lou Rawls's Parade of Stars Telethon benefiting over 65,000 students of the United Negro College Fund. As the voice of Garfield The Cat, he once again captured our hearts and remains a beloved icon.

Though he died in 2006 at the age of 72, his music, melodies and words lives on though a heritage of love and remembrance by Marvin Robinson, Marv has kept Lou's image alive for those who both revered and had not been familiar with this amazing influence in the world of Rhythm and Blues.

Marvin Robinson, a native of California, began his singing career with The Young Americans, The Kids Next Door and performing as the opening vocalist for Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and the Harry James Orchestra. Currently, performs with Olivia Newton John, Joe Pesci and Eddie Murphy, among others. Incorporating the smooth presentation and uniqueness of a true legend, Marv manages to project the Lou Rawls we know and love.

This tribute is dedicated to the shared memories and special moments of those lives touched by the ageless and true heart and soul of one of heaven's finest gifts to mankind.

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