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WWFX wrestling (World Wrestling Fan Xperience) is an independent professional wrestling company founded & promoted by former WWE and TNA wrestling talents from the USA. All talents featured in WWFX have international appeal as world renown performers seen across the globe on TV and live events for every major touring professional wrestling promotion. WWFX is the only brand of live pro-wrestling entertainment, that can provide your market with the same number, quality, and caliber of professional wrestling stars as the WWE or TNA, but at a fraction of the expense and budget. Only WWFX can provide also a customized event to fit the needs of your specific venue, market, or tour. Including market specific talent, market specific matches, as well as market specific continuity to match your event with what is currently being seen on TV regionally in your area.

Using successful point models such as current television talent, market specific talent, talent participation in P.R., media and promotions; WWFX has created a formula geared for success providing fans a show that neither international TV syndicate WWE or TNA can produce. This includes cross feuding talents (WWE vs. TNA), match-ups never seen on television before (live event exclusive), as well as the "X" in WWFX, a meet-and-greet event held prior to, and concluding live events available to VIP guests, local business partners and associates, staff and crew, as well as meet-and-greet ticket holders, to allow audiences to directly meet, create photo-ops, as well as collect an autograph from their favorite pro-wrestling superstar. The "Xperience" also allows ticket holders as well as sponsors to actively participate in the show via contests and social media involvement held from on-sale date through the event itself to keep interest and buzz high in your market

WWFX specific aim was to create a wrestling line-up that will not only delight the legion of international wrestling fans worldwide, but also fulfil the checklist of any local or international promoter by presenting a truly international wrestling event at a fraction of the cost of WWE or TNA.

WWFX "Champions Showcase Tour" provides more World Champions on a single card than any other pro-wrestling event. Talents are all current top-tier performers currently seen on television in your area, which you can be the first to promote in your market. All talents have huge international TV backing, and WWFX does not use talents who are not recognizable by the current 250 million plus fans viewing wrestling on television weekly around the globe.